Marwa automatic door aluminum profile: One of the common uses of aluminum profile is its use in the production of automatic door profiles. The quality of aluminum, its flexibility and strength have made the profiles made with this metal to be widely used in various industries, including the process of making automatic doors. In the process of producing all kinds of automatic door profiles, provided that high-quality aluminum is used. be; Very high quality and long life products are offered to the market.

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Features of automatic door aluminum profile

One of the main parts in the production of automatic doors is its profile.

The higher the quality of this profile, the more safety conditions and standards the automatic door has.

Considering the materials used and the advanced technologies that are used in the construction of automatic doors today; The material of its profile has a great impact on the quality and lifespan of these doors.

All types of automatic door profiles can be used in movable and fixed automatic doors of all kinds of stores, parking lots of houses and villas, residential complexes, commercial and administrative service centers, hospitals, etc.

The variety of aluminum profile that is designed and produced for automatic doors is very large based on its shape and size. The appropriate selection of each profile is determined based on the type, material and model of the automatic door.

In general, the use of aluminum alloy in the production of automatic door profiles is one of the most recent and up-to-date methods in the manufacturing industry of this product, which is expanding and progressing rapidly.

After installation, all types of automatic doors are usually exposed to various environmental damages, such as wind and rain, etc.

Therefore, aluminum profile is the best option for use in iron doors.

The surface of the aluminum profile does not rust. The scientific reason is the combination of aluminum with air oxygen. This combination creates a compact layer of aluminum on its top.

Although this layer has a very small size of a few thousandths of a centimeter, it has such a resistance that it prevents the contact of oxygen with the lower layers of aluminum and its oxidation.

For this reason, aluminum profile is a new, practical and very economical way to produce all kinds of automatic door profiles.