Mini shade aluminum profile: The use of aluminum to produce mini shade profiles is a beautiful combination of art and technology. Aluminum profile is one of the lightest metal sheets available in the market, which has very high strength while being light and light in weight. Therefore, the best option for the production of all kinds of accessories is the mini shade profile. Mini shade is a new generation of curtains that can be used in homes, government offices, private companies, sports clubs, restaurants, etc. The use of aluminum profile has a great impact on the ease of installation or easy carrying of these curtains.

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Features of mini shade aluminum profile

The mini shade curtain is one of the best and most suitable types of curtains for small windows.

Also, this curtain is used for windows that have special and unconventional shapes.

Therefore, the elegance of the material used in mini shades, along with its efficiency, plays an important role in the beautiful effect of these curtains in indoor spaces.

There is no doubt that aluminum profile as a unique, beautiful and almost versatile metal has countless applications in today’s modern world and the professional production of all kinds of curtains, including mini shades.

The physical, structural and chemical properties of the aluminum profile have placed it among the most popular metal sheets for the production of mini shade profiles.

In situations where the curtain cannot be installed on the ceiling or wall, the mini shade curtain is the best option.

Under the condition of using good material, high-quality aluminum and suitable design and color, choosing these curtains can create a special charm and beauty in the space.

Most models of mini shade curtains have a frame and a base, and a gearbox and chain are used to move and raise and lower it.

Some shade curtains are also equipped with side guide system. This model is more suitable for windows that open and close vertically. In any case, due to its high malleability, aluminum metal can be transformed into different shapes and profiles and can be easily used in the production industry of mini shade profile fittings.

The most popular advantage of aluminum sheet is its high ability to be recycled. Most of the aluminum metals that are used by industrialists today are a product of recycling this metal.

Therefore, the use of aluminum profile in mini shade, in addition to the strength and beauty it gives to these curtains, is also a useful and very economical way to preserve the environment. Various forms of aluminum profiles do not wear out over the years in the facade of curtains, doors and windows and continue to work.

The truth is that when aluminum is exposed to oxygen, it creates a protective layer of zinc oxide, which protects all types of mini shade profiles against corrosion and rusting.