Lattice and pleated aluminum profile: With the help of aluminum profile, it is possible to design and implement the production of all kinds of lattice and pleated profiles for fixed and hinged windows. Netting and pleating is a new generation of netting for double-paned doors and windows that prevents dust, soot, insects, etc. from entering the interior spaces. Mesh and pleats are used in the windows of buildings, villas, terrace doors, entrance doors of houses, etc. as a protective covering. One of the applications of aluminum profile is in the hinged mesh and movable pleat system. The technology of aluminum profiles in the production of lace and pleats makes the movement of the lace very simple and smooth.

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The characteristic of aluminum profile with mesh and pleats

Various tools are used in the production of various types of lace and pleated profiles. Aluminum profile is one of these common tools, which is widely used in the netting and pleating industry due to its strength and resistant material. The following can be mentioned from the lace and pleated profiles.

Fixed frame profile: This aluminum profile is used for the frame around the net.

Movable frame profile: The construction of this frame is similar to the mesh frame. Only their format is different from each other.

Lace fittings: Some lace fittings and pleats, such as handles, frame corners, etc., are also made of aluminum profiles.

One of the reasons that made lace and pleats take the place of old window lace forever is undoubtedly the use of aluminum profile in making these laces and its design technology. In fact, the lace and pleats are folded or opened by means of the rails that are installed in the upper and lower part. In general, the structure of lace and pleats is accordion-shaped. Usually, the lace and pleats are folded together and placed in the aluminum frame. Therefore, nothing is lost from the window or door space. Various types of lace and pleated profiles are produced based on the dimensions of different doors or windows in various sizes and models. Single-frame lace and pleats and double-frame lace and pleats are common and widely used examples of these laces.

One of the concerns of people for using lace and pleats instead of regular laces is the possibility of contamination and its getting dirty. This is despite the fact that both the lace and the profile of the lace and pleats can be easily washed. In some cases, it can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and a special dusting series and does not need to be washed. Therefore, net and pleat with aluminum profile can be easily cleaned and does not lose its quality over time under the influence of different weather conditions. Also, the aluminum profile has good resistance to sunlight. On the other hand, it is rust-proof and atmospheric changes and environmental humidity do not affect it much.