Zebra curtain aluminum profiles

Zebra curtain aluminum profiles

One of the most popular interior decoration systems …

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9 June, 2023

One of the most popular interior decoration systems is the use of zebra curtains.

The mechanism and main profiles of zebra curtains are aluminum profiles. Zebra curtain profiles are different based on performance and curtain size.

Types of zebra curtain profiles:

  • Pipe profile 32
  • Cross tube profile
  • Oval tube profile
  • Big cover profile
  • Small cover profile
  • Double mechanized cover profile

Features of zebra curtain aluminum profile

One of the applications of the zebra curtain profile is the construction of different types of zebra curtains. Aluminum profile has unique features. These features include:

1. Very beautiful appearance of aluminum profile

2. Very low weight of aluminum profile

3. High strength and resistance of the aluminum profile

4. High flexibility of aluminum profile

5. Suitable resistance of aluminum profile against moisture and rust. All these positive features that we have listed for aluminum profile, naturally also apply to zebra curtain profile.

Advantage of zebra curtain profile

Adjusting the light is a very important issue that should be considered when choosing curtains. As we mentioned, unfortunately, in many cases, the curtains used in homes and office or commercial units prevent direct light from entering that unit. The zebra curtain is an exception to this rule. Because if your residential, office and commercial unit benefits from this type of curtain, you can be sure of the light radiation inside your unit. In fact, the zebra curtain has been able to solve the problem of light radiation. Zebra blinds are easy to adjust and whenever direct sunlight bothers you, you can close the blinds and open them whenever you like. Despite the fact that the zebra curtain is very simple, its beauty is extraordinary. This factor has caused the zebra curtain to be one of the most popular and widely used types of curtains in the interior design of homes and commercial and office units. In this article, we are going to mention details about zebra curtains. Zebra curtain is a kind of striped curtain. You know that the word zebra in English means donkey’s ass, and the zebra curtain refers to the same animal (referring to the color of this animal’s skin). Just as the color of the skin of the donkey’s body is striped and has horizontal lines in between, the zebra’s veil is also striped. Zebra curtain profile is a wonderful profile, it has a very beautiful and unique composition. This has caused many uses of this type of profile in various applications and industries such as construction industries, automotive industries, motor and bicycle industries, and other industries.

Production of all kinds of zebra curtain profiles in marva Aluminum

Marwa production group As one of the successful companies Manufacturer and exporter of all kinds of general profilesRelying on modern knowledge, employing expert forces and using precise management plans in the field of aluminum, Production of all kinds of zebra curtain profiles and also Production of all kinds of zebra curtain accessories in different sizes. Undoubtedly, the use of the latest advanced devices and modern tools has a significant impact on the quality of the products of this collection. The price of all types of zebra curtain profiles in the Marwa collection is announced at the factory rate due to the elimination of intermediaries. Respected manufacturers and industrialists in all parts of Iran for inquiries The price of all types of zebra curtain profiles And buy other types Public profiles As Zebra curtain fittings profile, electric shutter profile, mini shade profile, cabinet profile, automatic door profile, elevator profile, net and pleat profile And also consulting for production and estimation Price Dedicated profiles Just contact the Marwa sales unit and buy all these products at the factory price. It should be mentioned that Marwa company aims to be effective in global markets and use up-to-date technologies for the development of the aluminum industry. It is exporting all kinds of public profiles outside the borders of Iran.

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