Marva elevator aluminum profile: Currently, aluminum profile is one of the main non-ferrous metals that is used in the production of elevator profiles. Elevators are devices that are used to move people between floors of different buildings. Therefore, in addition to being strong and having safety features, it must also have a beautiful and elegant appearance. Aluminum profile is very bright and eye-catching despite the necessary resistance and strength. Therefore, the aluminum profile of the elevator, in addition to durability and having the necessary standards, gives a very good feeling of cleanliness and elegance to the people who want to use this device.

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Features of the elevator aluminum profile

Nowadays, the efficiency of elevators is not only limited to carrying and moving people in different floors of the building.

In today’s world, these small and functional cabins play an effective role in the beauty of the facade, the good appearance of a building and the memory they leave in people’s minds.

One of the factors that play a decisive role in the visual beauty of elevators is aluminum profiles, which are used in the production of various types of elevator profiles.

These profiles include handles, railings, shiny mirror sheets and other types of elevator cabin profiles.

On the other hand, elevators are usually one of the places that are regularly disinfected and cleaned in buildings.

Therefore, its profiles should have good resistance to moisture, detergents, cleaners, etc. Aluminum metal, with this feature and high strength, is considered the best alloy for the production of various types of elevator profiles.

This metal, popular with craftsmen, is resistant to corrosion because its surface is protected by a very thin, yet very strong layer of aluminum oxide.. One of the features that has made aluminum metal very popular in the elevator profile manufacturing industry is its anti-rust properties.

Another main reason for the widespread use of aluminum in making elevator profiles is its light weight, which is almost three times lighter than iron.

It is very flexible and can be easily processed to produce all kinds of elevator profiles by using pressure in hot or cold conditions.